Martial Arts Karate Tae Kwon Do Richmond Hill GA



“Daughtry ATA Martial Arts and Carey Daughtry are an excellent representatives of what ATA Martial Arts are about. The staff is highly qualified to instruct students and the ratio of instructors to students is the best I have seen. Mrs. Daughtry knows how to motivate the students to do their best. It is absolutely amazing to see how Mrs. Daughtry works with the groups, but still gives each child the attention they need to learn their forms, moves, stances…. You have to see it to believe it. We are so very pleased and recommend Daughtry’s ATA to anyone seeking to learn Taekwondo. It is the best school by far.”
— Jackie J.

“When I was deployed, I wondered about my sons having a male role model while I was away. The way Mrs. Daughtry and her staff conduct classes and treat students gives me comfort that my family is getting everything they need at her school. There is also no doubt that she knows and understands what it means to “serve”. I’m glad she is part of the team that guides my children when I can’t be there.”
— Steve S.

“Mrs. Daughtry was recommended to me when I was looking for self-defense classes for women. I signed up for Krav Maga private training and it was exactly what I was looking for. Mrs. Daughtry being a female expert in self-defense is a big plus for me because I know as a woman herself, she actually “gets it”. I recommend her all the time.”
— Lauren A.

“I cannot express how impressed and pleased our family has been with the team at Daughtry ATA over the two years that our daughter has attended training there. Mrs. Daughtry does an incredible job at encouraging students, building their confidence, discussing topics like [defusing] bullying, sharing life wisdom, and so many more things as well as being a great ATA instructor. Plus, the training facility is great.”
— Ron S.

“If you are looking for a Martial Arts School with professionals who care about each individual student, Daughtry ATA is the place for you. They are disciplined, but change up the program with new learning skills often. This is a great place for children or adults to learn the art of self-defense. I would highly recommend Daughtry ATA to anyone who wants to learn Martial Arts.”
— Jeannie L.

“Love it. Awesome with kids. Very informative to parents. Recommend them to everyone. Daughtry ATA rock!!!”
— Kenneth E.