Martial Arts Karate Tae Kwon Do Richmond Hill GA



Here are the answers to commonly asked questions/comments we’ve received.

How much are your programs?

We offer a variety of programs that cover a variety of ages, interests and skill levels. We recommend our Trial Membership Program for $55 which includes our official school uniform. We first schedule a free appointment that will provide you with a tour of the school and complete information packet.

Is it true there is a waiting list? How long is the wait?

It’s true that our programs are in high demand. To get more information on what is available, please submit the Sign Up form on the website. You will receive an email back with more information.

Do you accept transfers from other martial arts schools?

We’ve had several people that have transferred to our school. If you are interested in a transfer, or have past experience with martial arts training, please call our school at (912) 459-2920 or fill out our contact form and let us know. We typically schedule a consultation appointment to discuss your background and which one of our programs you would fit best in.

My child has a disability/special situation. Can my child participate?

We are a Richmond Hill original, serving the families of our community since 2007.  In that time we have welcomed a variety of students including those with physically handicaps and special situations to our Hearts 4 Others Program. Please give us a call at (912) 459-2920 or fill out our contact form and ask for an appointment to discuss your particular situation.

Do I have to sign a contract?

While we do want you to understand that our programs require a commitment to learning a curriculum that progresses over time for improvement of skill and ability, tuition can be paid monthly. We can also set up electronic payments for no extra fee for your convenience. For those that would like a program agreement, we do have a 6 month bundled program for a discount. We have something for everyone.

My child’s pediatrician/psychologist/psychiatrist recommended Daughtry ATA Martial Arts for my child.

We are honored to receive referrals from area health professionals to our specific school. Please call us to schedule an appointment so that we may privately discuss your particular situation and what program may work best for your child. Be sure you mention that you were referred or recommended by your child’s physician or health care provider.

What about tournaments?

Our school is a member of the nation’s largest martial arts organization. Tournaments are optional, and are offered regionally and nationally. There are divisions offered for the novice to the experienced competitor. Ms. Daughtry holds World and State Championships as well as is a National Tournament Judge. She has trained Top Ten Competitors and three State Champions. We also offer in-school tournaments. From novice to champion… we have something for every level.

How do I contact you for community outreach?

Go to the Community Outreach section of our website and select the contact us link to contact Ms. Daughtry directly. Ms. Daughtry offers these seminars and programs free to community groups and organizations. Her background includes working with groups such as Girl Scouts, MOPS, Gulfstream, YMCA of Richmond Hill, Ft. Stewart, Hunter Army Airfield, Victim Advocacy Programs, and the Richmond Hill Police Spouses Association.

Thank you for your interest! Please fill out the “Sign Up Today!” form to receive an email back about program details and waiting list status.